A Brief Introduction to Advanced Exchange POS

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A Brief Introduction to Advanced Exchange POS


When you’re operating a business, it’s important to have a reliable system that can handle multiple forms of payment. Merchants commonly use a POS system to process transactions and payments from start to finish. POS systems are often used for other business operations such as adjusting menu items, price changes, and inventory management. Here are ways that you can use a POS system in your place of business.

What Is Point of Sale?

Point of sale, also known as POS, is a place and time in which a retail transaction is made. With a point of sale, you indicate how much the customer owes and offer multiple options on how the customer can pay. Once the payment has been received, you print out a receipt at the end of the transaction. Payment terminals are typically used at the point of a transaction. They’re also used for other functions such as inventory, customer relationship management, and financials.

What You Should Know about Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

Restaurant POS systems have the same concept as traditional POS systems, but they have their differences as well. Restaurant POS systems have customized features such as food inventory, tips, and menu items. If you’re operating a full-service restaurant, it’s likely that you’re required to have a system that is restaurant-specific.

Recommended Restaurant POS Systems

Revel Systems:

Revel has a number of features that help you keep in control of your restaurant. The management solutions allow you to manage multiple or single locations regardless of where you are physically located, and you can access the platform from your mobile device. You can manage all of your employee operations and seamlessly export information to your accounting software. The customer experience feature enables you to create appropriate discounts and reward loyal customers. Revel has a full point of sale system that allows you to perform cash management, table management, and delivery management.


Bluefin is PCI-compliant with a point-to-point solution that encrypts card information via a PCI-validated device. This gives you a peace of mind knowing that your customers’ card information is protected. Bluefin offers the PayConex payment gateway that has features such as point of sale, mobile, and a web-based terminal. You can accept credit, debit, check, or e-check payments. You can use PayConex as a stand-alone payment solution or you can integrate it with other POS platforms.

Restaurant POS Support

It’s crucial to make sure that your restaurant POS service is working properly. Restaurant POS support allows you to repair or maintain your hardware or software. The typical support includes system restore, inventory import, phone support, and hardware repair.

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