The Delivery Aspect in Restaurant Technology

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The Delivery Aspect in Restaurant Technology

Mobile food order

The modern consumer is all about convenience and speed, and this can include the food that they eat. This is why, nowadays, big restaurant chains are investing a lot of resources into streamlining the food ordering and delivery process. So, many eateries almost entirely rely on sales from online ordering and delivery. Whether it be through a restaurant’s mobile app or third-party delivery platforms like Grubhub or UberEATS, restaurants are seeing just how much the food delivery industry is growing.

Mobile Apps

It’s fairly obvious most people spend a lot of time on their phones and mobile devices. So, it makes sense that big chains are investing a lot of time and money into their own brand of mobile application that offers quick and simple ordering and delivery, while at the same time offering rewards to loyal customers. Not only does this benefit the consumer, but restaurant can gather insights as to just what their consumers purchase and how satisfied they were with the experience. These analytics help restaurants improve on current processes to further enhance the customer experience.

Third-Party Delivery

Pizza and Chinese food are no longer the main eats a customer can get delivered. Companies like DoorDash, and OrderUp allow users to choose from a variety of restaurants in their area and have their orders sent directly to their doors. Many of these companies also enable smaller businesses to offer their products and get their name out there.

Ordering Technologies

You can see them at many eating establishments nowadays: self service kiosks and drive-thru tablet ordering. Many restaurants are experimenting with these methods of expedited food delivery, and with great success. This helps create a more efficient kitchen by knowing orders ahead of time, and it benefits customers by getting their food quicker.

Many establishments haven’t gotten on board the digital food ordering revolution, but considering major chains are seeing exponential growth of sales through digital media, it’s only a matter of time until they make the switch. This goes for not only existing eateries, but new ones as well. Any new restaurant opening’s checklist should include just how to integrate these rising technologies. By doing so, a restaurant runner can significantly and positively impact sales and overall customer traffic.

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