Tablet POS Systems

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OnsiteRIS is Now a Revel Systems Reseller!

OnsiteRIS is always seeking the most innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use technology for our wide range of clients. Now, with tablet-based POS systems from Revel Systems, you gain a wide range of incredible features that offer endless benefits.

Point of Sale systems from Revel are targeted to the needs of several industries, including quick service, restaurants, retail, and more. Revel POS systems are designed to maximize your performance, capture elevated sales volumes, and provide a outstanding experience to your customers.


POS systems from Revel provide innovative features that include:

  • Custom Menu Building - allowing you to design, create, and display your own customized menu.
  • Inventory Management - to keep track of real-time inventory levels so you what and when to restock.
  • Customer Relationship Management - to manage your customers’ preferences and view their purchasing history.
  • Order Status Tracking - to monitor the status of each order with an automatic time counter.
  • Bitcoin Digital Currency Integration - for customizing payment options by accepting Bitcoin digital currency.
  • PCI/P2PE Compliance - to ensure your business data is secure at all times.

And so much more!


To find out more about Revel POS systems and how your business will benefit, reach out to the IT experts at OnsiteRIS. Our team is eager to help you increase efficacy by leveraging the power of the most effective tools for your unique needs – contact us at or (404) 952-2600.