Restaurant Case Studies

Restaurant Case Studies

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  • PEC Erie (BK, based in Erie, PA, 30+ stores) – Karla was the Director of Marketing and also inherited the job of being the IT manager of their 30+ restaurant locations. With ambitions growth plans, they understood the need to either focus on marketing or IT. By letting OnsiteRIS provide technology support services, Karla was able to focus on her IT
  • TOMS King (BK, Based in Chicago, IL, 100+ stores) – OnsiteRIS was approached by a third-party consulting firm and asked to complete a formal RFP (request for proposal), along with several other IT Managed Service companies, some local to Chicago, and others not. After a few rounds of cuts, OnsiteRIS was ultimately chosen to be there sole technology management partner.
  • Goldco (BK , based in Doral, FL, 40+ locations) – our first Burger King client was looking for a way to scale their growing franchise without having to add additional IT staff and potentially to offer a better career path for their current IT staff. Ultimately, OnisteRIS was able to hire their current IT staff, opening the doors for new opportunities in their field and also allowing Goldco to expand their IT staff from 2 to over 20 people.
  • Krystal (Krystal, based in Atlanta, GA, 300+ locations) – Krystal had previously outsourced their entire IT department to an overseas firm and was looking for the right partner state-side. Through a long process of getting to know each other, Krystal chose OnsiteRIS above many other options and today we provide support for their 300+ corporate locations and several franchised locations, along with additional full-time staff who report to the Krystal Restaurant Support center in Atlanta.
  • JPL Management – (BK, based in Elizabethtown KY, 10+ locations) – We met the owner of JPL about two years before they partnered with OnsiteRIS for IT management services. They had an IT person, and over the years we would bump into the owner, Andrew, an he’d remind us that he loved the idea of our services but the timing didn’t seem right. Over time, JPL would add locations and when their IT person
  • Wheeler-Blank – BK, Based in Castle Rock, Colorado, 10+ locations) – The owner of Wheeler-Blank we a former regional director for Burger King corporate and moved into the franchisee world. With several pieces of the puzzle in place, he was still looking for the right solution to manage his technology. After trying to use a local resource with limited knowledge of the QSR industry or POS systems, he eventually chose OnsiteRIS to join his team – covering all of his technology management and support bases.
  • Chick-fil-A, (based in Atlanta, GA, 1800+ locations) –
    • Grand Opening, Reinvestment, POS/PC Refresh Project Management-as-a-Service – Chick-fil-A was already utilizing OnsiteRIS for installation services (as they have done for over 15 years) and project management services when we developed Project Management-as-a-Service. Chick-fil-A trusts OnsiteRIS to manage all technology aspects of their Grand Opening, Reinvestment, and POS/PC Refresh projects. Serving as the single point of contact for CFA corporate, the Operator, and all of the vendors involved, OnsiteRIS leverages our expertise and expansive reach to ensure that every Chick-fil-A opens on-time and with zero hassle when it comes to technology installations and upgrades.
    • Payment Terminals Rollout – When Chick-fil-A wanted to rollout new POS technology to its 1800 locations in 4 weeks, where do you think they looked to find a partner to manage the project, build a rollout support center, and complete the vast majority of the installations? OnsiteRIS, of course!


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