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Our Team is The Best in the Business

Our staff combines their expertise in technology with real-world business experience. They are knowledgeable about the best in class solutions for your business and they stay abreast of the new and emerging technologies. Our staff can rapidly assess their impact on your business and your bottom line. Our technical staff hold a plethora of professional certifications, and they are constantly increasing their knowledge and expertise with training and certification in new technologies.

Our Management Team

Having served in leadership roles at both large and small companies, we understand that technology must support specific business needs. We know technology must work within a budget, and be flexible enough to change as your needs do. We realize the importance of a secure, reliable technology architecture that delivers a clear ROI. This experience makes us the right partners for your business.

Mike Gardiner – President & CEO


MikeMike Gardiner’s love for technology coupled with a genuine servant spirit led to the founding of OnsiteRIS. He has spent years building a team of professionals that he’s proud to lead. The strength of his team, he says, will always be their greatest competitive advantage and the greatest asset to our clients.

Mike is proficient at putting things into proper perspective for our customers; OnsiteRIS customers know they can always count on Mike to add value and to deliver results.

Among his biggest accomplishments, Mike is proud to have built a company that delivers on its promises. His primary goal is to offer our clients the ability to trust that OnsiteRIS always has their best interests in mind.

When asked about a favorite experience on the job, Mike points to a memorable instance with Chick-fil-A: “Our customer for 12 years running, the relationship started with local work. Having done this previous work for them, we were asked to bid some similar jobs on a national level. After much planning and discussion around the opportunity, we put together what we felt was a fantastic approach with a great price. This created an immediate meeting with all the stakeholders for the project at Chick-fil-A to talk through some concerns that they had. Turned out, their biggest concern was they felt we were not asking for enough money. For a half-hour they were pushing the price up while we were trying to justify holding our bid where it was. Let’s just say it ended great and we have been a full time vendor for them ever since. It’s wonderful working with partners who concern themselves with our success too. This simple ideal, of working to make everyone successful, is at the very core of our organization end radiates to our customers and vendors.”

When he’s not working, you’ll find Mike spending time with his family.

Danny Smith – Chief Operating Officer (COO)


DannyHaving studied engineering in school, OnsiteRIS COO Danny Smith works to combine people, parts, and timing to ensure project success. Danny came on board with OnsiteRIS when we first launched our Managed Services division, offering expertise and support to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our team is focused heavily on ensuring that we always find the right people to fill the right spots, and as an integral member of the team Danny has been a major part of our continued growth and success over the years.

Danny is proud to help customers achieve their goals using the most effective means. Of the OnsiteRIS team, he said: “As we grow, I am proud of the way we’ve adapted as a team to not only handle the day-to-day issues that arise, but also look ahead and proactively make changes to better our service offerings.”

His most memorable moment on our team came when he fell through the ceiling at Southern Heart while helping the support team re-cable their office. His error may have ended up costing more than we were making on that part of the project, but the memories of team bonding were priceless.

As a leader at OnsiteRIS, Danny is passionate about watching the company grow – and not just financially. Danny is eager to help both co-workers and clients reach new heights, knowing that their success means a stronger, more reliable OnsiteRIS.

When he’s away from work, you’ll find Danny with his family, at church, or completing his Air Force Reserve duties. He also enjoys hunting and flying.

Andy Patterson – Director of Partner Support



Andy Patterson grew up across the street from Mike Gardiner, Founder and CEO of OnsiteRIS. In early 2009, he found himself looking for a career and reconnected with his old neighbor through a mutual friend of theirs. Within a week, Andy joined the team for a temporary role that would last through the summer of 2009. Since then, he’s remained an integral part of the team.

Andy truly enjoys how OnsiteRIS hires good people first and foremost, because the technical ability can be taught, but the character cannot. He believes that, above all, we’re on the same team as our clients – striving to take the very best care of every business we serve.

He’s passionate about making sure each of our clients is satisfied with the service they receive – and nothing makes him happier than resolving issues and making sure expectations are exceeded.

Joey Agee – Director of Business Development and Partner Advocacy


JoeyJoey was working as a contracted project manager for Chick-fil-A when he mentioned to his staff contact that he was looking to find something more permanent. At the time, he had worked on the client side of OnsiteRIS for a few years and was also completing his MBA. As luck would have it, after coming out of his final exam, Joey discovered a voicemail from OnsiteRIS with a job offer.

Joey is passionate about learning and understanding the environments that our clients do business in, as well as the context surrounding the challenges they face. Considering himself a lifelong learner, he cites one of his favorite quotes as “Chance favors the prepared mind”.

Since arriving at OnsiteRIS in 2010, Joey has managed projects of all shapes and sizes. He had the opportunity to manage a project one of our largest restaurant partners, which required coordinating a site-visit and a Point-of-Sale hardware install at over 1600 locations nationwide.

In addition, he implemented a unique, project-specific support desk to support the Field Production Team. Typically that wouldn’t be too challenging – but the rollout had to be completed in 15 business days and during business hours, so sensitivity to the clients operations was paramount.

Now working in the Business Development and Partner Advocacy department, Joey is proud to work for a team that always strives to advocate for our clients (or partners, as we like to say.) When our solutions aren’t the right fit for a particular set of needs, we work with our partners to help them find the best products and services on the market to meet their requirements.

Joey spends spare time with his wife, daughter, and twin sons. Otherwise, you’ll find him woodworking, cooking, playing guitar, or trying to play golf.

Larry Duke – Director of Field Operations and Project Management


Larry was formerly a Social Studies teacher, and after finishing remodels on 40 of his rental properties, he came across an opportunity with OnsiteRIS – the rest is history. Larry addresses troubleshooting situations every day, and works to keep customers at ease while diligently working to resolve their issues.

With a high volume of tasks each day, Larry looks forward to constantly facing and overcoming new challenges. Most of all, he loves watching as all of the planning and training comes together to benefit our customers.

Larry excels at motivating team members to find and develop their strengths, helping them take on tasks they were unaware they could accomplish. Among his responsibilities, he values the opportunity to help clients and other team members learn about respecting others and finding the best within themselves.

Larry enjoys chatting with and about each of our customers, learning about the unique path that got them to where they are today.

In his words, “I approach every day as a new day to grow, both professionally and in my faith. There is always room to improve.”

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