A Brief Introduction to Advanced Exchange POS

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A Brief Introduction to Advanced Exchange POS


When you’re operating a restaurant, it’s important to have a reliable to quickly serve your customers. As rugged as most equipment is, there are still bound to be failures. How can you partner with OnsiteRIS to minimize the downtime with your equipment and interruption to your staff and customers?

Advanced Exchange POS Program/Hot Swaps

Whether you refer to it as Advanced Exchange POS program , Hot Swaps or Spares, OnsiteRIS creates a unique program for our partners to quickly and economically handle broken equipment. When a piece of equipment fails at your restaurant, this can be very frustrating for your staff and potentially impact customer service. OnsiteRIS can tailor a program specific to your needs, including storage of spare equipment for advanced exchange/hot swaps, troubleshooting the issue on the phone with our US based Help Desk, dispatching a W2 tech to handle the replacement of the equipment and handling warranty claims behind the scenes for you with various manufacturers. The goal is to reduce the amount of time that your restaurant is without equipment and to save you money on the back end by ensuring the management of your swap equipment and maximizing warranty claims on your behalf. Our program also streamlines the amount of effort your restaurant staff needs to put forth to resolve hardware issues so they can focus on serving your customers.
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Benefits of Advanced Exchange POS Program

Once signed up with OnsiteRIS, we will set up a unique toll free number for your restaurants to call when they require replacement equipment. Typically, we recommend a wellness visit prior to beginning the program at all locations to verify that the equipment being supported that is already deployed is in top operational condition. At this time we will also label the equipment with a unique toll free number for the restaurant staff to quickly know who to call. Our Help Desk will troubleshoot the equipment to verify that a replacement is required and have the equipment shipped out for overnight delivery. Based on what equipment is being replaced and your agreement with us, we will then either dispatch a W2 tech to complete the swap of defective equipment or walk store personnel through the process. The defective equipment will either then be repaired or replaced and returned to your swap pool of equipment. We will manage the inventory for you and provide reports on number of swaps and proactively work to determine if it’s time to look at an upgrade based on number of defects. Every program is tailor made to adjust to your requirements. Contact us today for an assessment of your current system and how OnsiteRIS can develop a more efficient program for your brand.

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