Why Are Cloud-Based POS Systems Worth the Money

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Why Are Cloud-Based POS Systems Worth the Money

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Restaurant Point of Service (POS) systems software makes every employee in an eating establishment more efficient, from the head chef and front-end host to clean up support staff. The next iteration of the POS system is to manage it via the cloud. While this is not necessarily new, there are still some holdouts. Here are some advantages to a cloud-based restaurant POS system they might want to consider.

Real-Time, Accessible Data

The cloud lets anyone with the proper permissions access a restaurant’s data, anytime, anywhere. It can be accessed on anything with connectivity to the internet. This is not only helpful in terms of monitoring the business, it’s also helpful as the business is being run. Cloud updated data, for example, can inform servers a special is out, or help hosts keep track of wait times. It can help owners and chefs perform inventory, set menus and staff schedules, etc. Because it is all in “real-time,” there’s no need for sending out emails or instant messages. There is one important thing one should consider here. It is necessary to educate your staff to work with company data and ensure its secutiry. Schedule your emloyees for fast, effective Security Awareness training to make sure your company is protected against phishing emails or CEO fraud

Better Customer Service

As mentioned, cloud-based services allow for instant updating of data pertinent to running a restaurant. If a special, for example, runs out, or if an item on the menu needs to be pushed, this information can be relayed instantly to servers, hosts, and front-end personnel. Additionally, servers can track where their order is in the line, which lets them keep customers more fully informed. Servers can also inform expediters of customer issues who can then arrange to address specific order requests or problems.

Finally, direct customer interaction leads to better customer service. Servers can enter orders at the table without having to rely on memory or decipher handwriting. They can keep updated in real-time on the status of menu items. If, when placing an order, they notice a backlog, they can inform the table of the delay, thus alleviating customers who have unrealistic expectations regarding the timing of their food delivery.

Data Analysis

Want to know what your hottest food item is? How about the menu items that perform the most poorly? Do you know what servers are your top performers? When is your peak customer volume? All these questions and more can be answered with restaurant POS support.

restaurant POS system lets everyone in the food chain, so to speak, stay on top of what is going on and respond to issues in real-time. That makes for a smoother operating workplace and a better customer experience.

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