Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important for Your Restaurant Business

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Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important for Your Restaurant Business


If you own or manage a restaurant, you undoubtedly have had to counter or address bad reviews online, left on any one of a number of social media outlets. And now people have even begun giving video reviews describing their experience at the restaurant and you should also know you are not the only one buying views on youtube, so make sure that your customers have a good time at your restaurant. What you may not be doing is pushing all your customers to leave feedback either online or via an in-house survey. By establishing an immediate feedback system for your restaurant point of sale service, you give those customers who often stay quiet a chance to sing your praises. There are other benefits as well.


Restaurant point of sales systems are great opportunities for your staff to gather real-time feedback to help manage your reputation and brand. If a customer is thrilled with the food and service, you can post it immediately. If a customer is not satisfied, you have an opportunity to head off a bad review before it gets put up online. Even a simple gesture like comping a desert could dissuade someone ready to post a negative review.

Building a Customer Base

Getting feedback at your restaurant’s point of sale systems also lets your staff gauge who is really happy with your establishment. This gives them an opportunity to further garner their loyalty by helping integrate them into your clientele more fully. It lets staff get contact information, so you can send them information regarding your establishment, menu or specials. It also lets staff gather data on various parties in order to cater to their needs more fully in the future. Your staff has to be trained to do this, but it is an effective way of building a regular clientele that can offset slow periods of business.

A Learning Experience

Every customer interaction is a chance for you to learn. You can learn what works and what does not. Each survey completed by a customer, good or bad, gives you a chance to reassess your staff, service, menu, even the ambiance of your restaurant and make appropriate changes. With enough surveys, you can establish trends in behavior, purchase habits and attitudes.

The restaurant point of sale service is a great opportunity to garner customer feedback and gather data regarding their experience. Utilized properly, a feedback system is a powerful way to tailor your restaurant’s behavior to meet your customers’ needs and desires.

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