If Your Restaurant Technology Isn’t Running Optimally, You’re in Trouble

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All restaurant owners understand the key role that technology plays in keeping their operations running at the pace that’s demanded by the food and beverage service industry. It’s true for any business in any industry, but for restaurateurs, having things like a responsive POS system and sterling network security are an absolute necessity. Without the critical systems in place that allow for coherent communications, clear connectivity, and the secure processing of PCI data, your restaurant technology is more than lacking. The answer to which is the type of analysis, assessment, and optimization of restaurant IT networking that OnsiteRIS can deliver.

Where Your Restaurant Technology Needs to Be

Recent technological innovations pose exciting new possibilities for restaurant owners, such as tablets replacing standard menus, and connecting guests to computer networks through companies like OpenTable in order to better receive and process reservations, and even special requests, along with payment options, eliminating long waits for bills, credit card processing, etc. OnsiteRIS can get your restaurant up to speed with all of the above, and, through strategic IT planning, make it all work in your favor, sans any network failures. And, if problems do arise, our responsive tech support is there to put it right in record time, saving you any significant cost in downtime.

When Do I Need a Restaurant Technology Upgrade?

If you have any regular or semi-regular hiccups in your restaurant IT network, an upgrade would do you well. For restaurants who do a significant level of business – i.e., those other than small mom and pop neighborhood locations, including chain stores and those who need a robust POS system – they will benefit from a full restaurant technology upgrade, as opposed to only upgrading their IT support. But, really any restaurant lagging in the technology area at all can benefit from an OnsiteRIS consultation.

Better Restaurant Technology Now

If you need a small to moderate upgrade to your restaurant technology, or a complete and full overhaul of your computer network, give us a call at (404) 952-2600 or message us via secure email form today and let us know how we can help you.

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