Signs Your POS System Needs a Modification

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Signs Your POS System Needs a Modification


If you’re just starting out in the restaurant business, an updated POS system should be on your new restaurant openings checklist. If you’ve been in business for a while, simply using a cash register or smartphone to accept payments could put you in trouble. More consumers are seeking outlets for alternative payment acceptance, loyalty rewards, and mobile order-ahead. Here are signs your POS system needs a modification.

Out-of-Date Features

You must have a way to connect with your consumers online, otherwise, you risk losing an enormous chunk of revenue. Some of the features available in newer software include email marketing campaigns, digital receipts, social media integration, and e-commerce features such as online ordering and online stores.

Payment Processing Is Outdated

If your restaurant’s computer systems do not include the ability to use the chip card, then you need to incorporate that immediately. There are various ways that consumers pay for products and services. Many more consumers are expected to use Android Pay or Apple Pay at checkout. If your system is not capable of processing NFC payments, then you will lose business.

The Software Is Slow and Difficult

If you notice that your software is running slow or your customers are wondering if their transactions even went through, then you need an upgrade. Do you constantly deal with a platform that freezes? Do you have to reboot your system multiple times per week? You must ask yourself those questions. There are many simple and robust restaurant point of sale systems out there, so you shouldn’t continue to battle with old software.

Your Software Is Not Integrated

When you have a cloud-based POS system, you will have easy access to integrated information no matter where you are. If your POS system consists of just a cash register or card reader, then you should seek out other options to efficiently manage your day-to-day operations.

You’re Using a Paper Punch Card for Your Loyalty Program

With the evolution of technology, it’s time to stop using a hole-puncher and start using a cloud-based POS system that has integrated loyalty. Customers sometimes use integrated POS systems such as LevelUp because they don’t like carrying wallets. With the loyalty aspect, you can earn repeat customers.

Cash Is King

If your major form of payment is cash, then you could lose business if your POS system does not accept other payment options. A smaller percentage of POS purchases are made with cash. Consumers are also using alternative payment options such as Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and LevelUp. The number of consumers who use alternative forms of payment will continue to rise as more consumers experience the flexibility mobile payments offer.

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