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Our Team is The Best in the Business

Our staff combines their expertise in technology with real-world business experience. They are knowledgeable about the best in class solutions for your business and they stay abreast of the new and emerging technologies. Our staff can rapidly assess their impact on your business and your bottom line. Our technical staff hold a plethora of professional certifications, and they are constantly increasing their knowledge and expertise with training and certification in new technologies.

Our Management Team

Having served in leadership roles at both large and small companies, we understand that technology must support specific business needs. We know technology must work within a budget, and be flexible enough to change as your needs do. We realize the importance of a secure, reliable technology architecture that delivers a clear ROI. This experience makes us the right partners for your business.

Mike Gardiner – Chairman & Founder



Mike loves to learn and that’s why he remains excited about IT, an environment that demands lifelong learning.

His first job was working for a family-owned restaurant after school. He did every position, from bus boy to cook.

Mike studied electrical engineering at Mercer University, and he designed power lines for utility companies. But he had always loved IT, so he started a small side businesses in IT that later became a full-time business in 1999.

When Mike is not at work, he loves to spend time with his family. He enjoys the outdoors and participates in BBQ cooking competitions. Mike also has a private pilot’s license.


Andrew Stith – Chief Executive Officer


Andrew Stith

Andrew is passionate about introducing others to new possibilities. For clients, he wants to show them what it feels like to have great information technology support, and how it adds value to their business.

With OnsiteRIS team members, he imparts the meaningfulness of a job well done and how fulfilling aspirations requires hard work and planning.

Andrew’s business journey began in the restaurant business when he was 15 and worked in the local mall’s Chick-fil-A.

He earned a degree in finance from the University of Georgia, and a Master of Business Administration from Dartmouth College. He learned mergers and acquisitions, led two national sales teams to record results, completed an IPO, led a start-up and guided two successful turnarounds of technology services companies.

Now nearly 35 years after that first job at Chick-fil-A, Andrew applies his experience and deep set of skills to the core markets of OnsiteRIS: restaurants and retail.

Andrew’s passion, however, extends beyond work. He is raising three boys, which includes volunteering with the Boy Scouts, church, swim teams and more. When school is out, Andrew and his boys can be found wakeboarding, snow skiing, surfing, scuba diving, off-road motorcycling, or rock climbing. Andrew’s other interests include flying, World War II history, architecture and exploring this great country.


Danny Smith – Chief Operating Officer


Danny Smith

Danny is passionate about the technology industry and he loves problem solving. He believes it takes a great team, each person using his or her expertise, to succeed.

Danny started working when he was 11 as a busboy for a large restaurant, earning $3.15 hourly. He believes it is still the hardest job he’s had.

Danny graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree and served as an active duty pilot for 10 years. He has also served in the Air Force Reserves for the last nine years. He earned a Master of Business Administration in 2005 and joined the OnsiteRIS family in 2008.

Danny is dedicated to local, national, and international missions, and he serves as a deacon in his church. He teaches a high school Sunday school class and an adult Bible class. He spends his free time with his wife and two daughters. Occasionally, he hunts deer or turkey. Danny is proud to say he never missed a day of school, from kindergarten through college.

Alan Dean – Chief Service Officer


Alan Dean

Alan is driven to understand the root cause of a problem and then finding a way to automate the solution or to eliminate the problem entirely. For him, work is an enjoyable puzzle.

The challenge of managing a college IT network was his first job. Then in 1999, he did user support and then worked to prepare systems for the Y2K transition. Over time, he supported additional IT operations. In Atlanta, he joined a growing managed service provider, and he became a part of the OnsiteRIS team in 2016.

Outside work, Alan likes to play GPS-based games and he often travels throughout the Southeast.

He has two “not so small” children who give him a run for his money in IT, and all of them love to watch football (soccer). He is a fan of several British teams.


Andy Patterson – Director, Client Service


Andy Patterson

IT brings daily challenges for Andy to conquer, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He likes to say that no two days are the same and every day presents a new opportunity to learn.

His first job was working for his father’s commercial concrete company. He spent a summer on one of the concrete crews, and he hated it. But he believes it taught him the value of hard work. He joined the OnsiteRIS family in 2009 as the first person on Help Desk.

When not helping others with IT, Andy enjoys golf, fishing and hunting. He also comes from a musical family and plays several instruments, including the drums, guitar, banjo and various horn instruments.


Jay Brackman – Director, Managed Services


Jay Brackman

Jay’s passion for helping people drew him into IT. He understands how technology can transform a business, and he wanted to spend his life helping companies use technology.

No two days are the same, and he is motivated to keep his skills current with the latest technology. He believes it’s important to be as responsive, innovative and forward-thinking as possible.

Jay’s first job was doing inventory for a warehouse in Metro Atlanta, where he spent most days on a ladder counting pants and shirts Sears failed to sell in the 1960s. He studied United States History in both undergraduate and graduate school, and he was a teacher after graduating.

In 2001, he joined his cousin in a computer service franchise, where Jay realized he loved helping companies grow and become successful through innovative technology. Jay joined the OnsiteRIS family in 2016.

On weekends Jay can be found running, hiking, fishing, hunting, golfing, reading or traveling with friends and family. He has a dog named Ginger that he rescued from an open pit mine near Rabun, Alabama. He is known for his love of Georgian history and he has traveled to all 159 counties in Georgia.


Larry Duke – Director – Field Operations


Larry Duke

Larry has enjoyed watching technology evolve over the decades. A great example would be the infamous Dick Tracy watch from his childhood that many people wear daily now. Larry is fascinated by technology and can’t wait to see what will be the next big development.

Larry’s first job was working at a local Sinclair service station. His favorite memories were driving police cars back to the police station after they had been serviced. He has been with OnsiteRIS since 2008 and started with the team when it operated out of Mike’s home. Larry loves to meet new employees and help them find the same fantastic career he’s found in OnsiteRIS.

When Larry is not at work he is spending time with his wonderful grandchildren, children and wife. He lives for his family and in his faith.

Mark Campbell – Director, Project Management


Mark Campbell

Mark lives to serve and solve problems. His favorite part about working for OnsiteRIS is our passion for meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. When everyone has the same goal of going the extra mile it makes the end product the best it can be.

Mark’s first job was working for Chik-fil- A in Peachtree, GA. He later got two Bachelor’s Degrees. His first was in Biology and his second was in Business Management from Samford University in Birmingham, AL. Mark joined OnsiteRIS in 2013 and that developed his passion for IT.

When Mark is not at work he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife and four daughters.

Stephen Reese – Director, Procurement


Stephen Reese

Stephen enjoys challenging himself to learn new things. He’s found that technology is always changing which creates endless opportunities to learn.

Stephen’s first job was working on a farm building barns and using farm equipment. He’s been with Onsite for more than 13 years and was one of our very first installers.

Stephen’s new challenge is being a dad and he’s loving every minute of it! When he’s not at work or with his new child he loves to read about history or watch historical documentaries.

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