Ways a Tablet POS System Improves a Restaurant’s Table Service

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Ways a Tablet POS System Improves a Restaurant’s Table Service

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Handheld devices have reinvented how many industries function. One venue they have not entirely reinvented, but are gaining ground, is the restaurant industry. More and more, restaurants are deploying handheld devices for Point of Service (POS) systems. If you own are considering deploying a POS system for a restaurant, here are some great reasons why you should.

Updated Data

POS systems for restaurants allow the management of a restaurant or any part of the restaurant staff to update everyone else instantly. With a handheld device, there are no more incidents of taking an order for something that “just ran out.” Savvy restaurant managers can also use handheld devices to assign staff in real-time, which can help alleviate one server becoming overburdened or delayed if they have a party that is taking more than usual time to order or eat.

Order Management

If a server needs to put in a special order, it can be instantaneously sent to the kitchen. If a check has to be split, the server can do it at the point of the sale. If an order needs to be modified, it can be done at the table, before the server gets back to the kitchen. Complaints or sent back orders can be instantly processed and the kitchen can have a heads up before the server arrives back at the kitchen. Everything that used to take multiple steps, traveling distances or communicating with multiple personnel, can now be done from one place, distributed to all involved, at the point of the issue.

It also makes ordering easier. No longer does staff have to write anything down, nor does kitchen staff have to interpret handwriting. With an entry at the table, the kitchen can process a table’s order, which also expedites food preparation.

Back of the House

Another benefit of a POS system for a restaurant is the streamlining of “back of the house” work. This administrative work, like inventories, schedules, etc., used to be hand tallied and then entered into a computer. Now, it is entered into a smart device and automatically the appropriate database is updated. This improves accuracy as hand tallying and then physically writing is mistake prone and it helps track down when errors occur.

POS system for a restaurant lets every aspect of the restaurant manage itself efficiently and in real-time. This reduces errors, expedites orders and leads to happier staff and customers.

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